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An untimely loss of innocence has sparked my inclination to dream in color again. I tumbled like tumbleweed across a great wide-open space, onto the plains of ecstasy. Creation has gravitated towards me and offered up the gift of painting. So, now, I shut off past inhibitions and soar beyond the norm, and stand for what has yet to be created, the mysterious unknown. My aim is to share as I have been given.
Through art, I wage war within myself, for the rewards of peace. I adore each painting like a mother's first glimpse at it's newborn. In short, I paint to allow for creation.


Current works done in ink, acrylics and oils. Paintings are usually created on canvas and drawings are created on paper or cardboard.

Painting since April 1997, stemming from a near death experience. Drawn to art as if I had been destined since birth.
Chosen as a finalist in the Salem (Orbe) Emerging Artist search held in NYC, winter 2000.
Selected to be published in Book Art Press (BAP) - New Art International 2001-2002 edition.
Have exhibited in S. Florida, Denver, CO and the greater Washington D.C. area and look forward to the progression of my work.
Member of Washington Project for the Arts (WPAC) at the Corcoran

Washington City Paper
Book Art Press (BAP) - New Art International 2002 edition

Papp Gallery in NYC from Dec.06 thru Dec.27, 2001
560 Broadway S. 304 New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.226.7737

GALERIE GORA Montréal, Quebec. Canada H3B 1A7 - Spring 2002
Agora Gallery in SOHO, NYC - Fall 2002

Rayhart p.o. box 1122 ashburn, va 20146 703.723.8449


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